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Costume-Con is an international convention that has been devoted to costuming of all kinds since 1983. All skill levels, from beginners to masters, and all types of costumers are welcome, including cosplayers, historical reenactors, doll dressmakers, science fiction enthusiasts, fantasy fans, and more.

Costume-Con 36 Vol 1

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438 photos
Costume-Con 36 Vol 1

Costume-Con 36 Vol 2

Visitors 122
428 photos
Costume-Con 36 Vol 2

Costume-Con 36 Vol 3

Visitors 102
420 photos
Costume-Con 36 Vol 3

Guestbook for Costume-Con 36
John Autore(non-registered)
Finally got a break from everything and had time to view the Costume Con 36 San Diego costume photos that were done by Shotwell Great photos ..great assortment ..... an excellent photographer ....would that more cons would have a photographer to go to .... when you get dressed up and need some memories.....
Thanks big time ..... now to sort thru .... and order my shots as well as order some great other costume photos for ideas of others .... especially Alice, My Fair Lady, the Anubis Fursuit and so many others both humorous (2 wolves) and wonderful (museum relics) THANKS BIG TIME ......John
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